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Fix Fatigue for Good!

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Fatigue is a systemic breakdown of the body, mind, and spirit.


A functional approach that caters to your unique biochemical makeup, lifestyle, and desires is paramount to successfully fix fatigue for good.


I am here to help you do just that!

Don't You Deserve Abundant Energy?

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Do you worry about fatigue impacting your career and business goals?

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Do you want to be able to show up vibrantly for your clients, friends, and family?

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Are You Ready to Start Living Again?

What about getting back to your hobbies, taking more

time off and fulfilling life desires?


You may struggle to answer these questions.

It's difficult to create vision

from a state of fatigue.

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What Clients Are Saying


Dr. Anasa Johnson

There is Room for Error!

"I would highly recommend Ken as a health coach. He is extremely knowledgeable and customizes your plan to fit not only your schedule but your current eating and exercise habits. This was the first program I've been on where there were no absolutes. There is room for error and you still see results.
Ken's enthusiasm and willingness to adjust your plan to your lifestyle really keeps me engaged. As a field sales representative, my schedule changes from week to week but the tools he provides me with help me to be successful. Our weekly teleconferences keep me on track and allow me to share my successes and perceived failures.
Working with Ken has shown me that small changes produce great results. 

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James Pagano

Busines Coach

Ten Pounds and a Bit More Energy!


That I was frustrated about putting on some weight and feeling a bit low on energy. During my initial conversation with Ken, it became apparent that outside perspective, expertise, and accountability would be the recipe for success. I moved forward with Ken on a journey toward better health and a clearer mind. Very quickly after getting started, I lost the weight, had higher levels of energy, and developed a higher level of understanding about food, nutrition, and healthy habits. Here’s the truth…Ken does not put you on a “diet” or an unreasonable exercise program. He works with you on a tailored formula for your health goals, and most importantly, one that fits your lifestyle. Thank you, Ken!


Dr. Courtenay Schroeder


Life is Different Now!

The biggest struggles were finding balance, having enough energy during the day and losing weight.


Not having any energy to do things really wore me down emotionally.


I felt like I couldn't do the dishes, work out, buy groceries etc. Just simple things felt like enormous tasks.


Ken’s custom designed program gave me my energy back! After only a few days of working with Ken I had amazing energy levels and felt more like myself. It is amazing how you can feel once the veil has been lifted off.

Life is different now because I can recognize myself going down that rabbit hole and am now able to pull myself out. 

I would, and regularly do, recommend friends and family to NewBill of Health!

Recovers from Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalance, & Stress

Recovers from Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalance, & Stress

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